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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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grz hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. with the fiscal deadline just three weeks away, there is some optimism that a deal is in the works. danielle nottingham reports the change in mood follows a face- to-face meeting between president obama and house
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speaker john boehner. >> reporter: president obama headed to detroit this morning to seek support from auto workers for his plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. the president's latest campaign style appearance follows a weekend white house meeting with house speaker john boehner. sources tell cbs news both sides remain hopeful but little progress was made. if they can't reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, taxes for all americans will go up and across the board spending cuts will kick in on january 1. economists say that combination could plunge the country back into a recession. there are signs some republicans are now willing to compromise on taxes if they can secure cuts to social security, medicare and medicaid. >> the rate increase on the top 2% that the president is talking about and all of a sudden the shift goes back to entitlements. >> reporter: one proposal under discussion, raising the
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eligibility age for medicare is not going well for some democrats and advocates for senior citizens. >> the option to raise the medicare age is bad policy and will increase costs because people who are 65 and 66 still need health insurance. >> reporter: the aarp says the real solution to cutting the deficit is lowering skyrocketing health care costs. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. the official fiscal cliff deadline is december 31. but many on capitol hill say that an agreement is needed before the end of this week so congress has enough time to vote. well, the supreme court issued a ruling today in the case of a federal worker alleging sex and age discrimination. it is the case of carolyn clubner, a former labor department worker who was fired in 200056789 the high court -- 2005. the high court ruled she could
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take her case to federal district court. initially she was told she could not do that. but now the supreme court has reversed that decision. a northern virginia lawmaker has become the first black person to chair the state democratic party. the state party's ruling central committee unanimously selected delegate charniele harring for the post. she's serving a third term in the statehouse representing alexandria. brian moran decided not to seek another term after last month's election. d.c. investigators say they know who shot and killed a woman getting on a metro bus over the weekend. and they're looking for the suspect. witnesses told officers a man walked up behind the victim as she boarded a metro bus near 18th street and minnesota avenue southeast. the gunman then opened fire into the bus. the woman was hit several times. she died at the scene. her young daughter, a toddler,
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appeared to have a graze wound and she was taken to the hospital. police say it appears that the victims were actually targeted. d.c. police are looking for two men who robbed a convenience store in southeast washington. the robbery happened yesterday morning at the m&v store. surveillance video shows two men with their faces covered rushing the door as an employee opens the family-run business. at least one of them pointsa gun at the worker. the robbers then empty the cash register and take cartons of cigarettes. d.c. mayor vincent gray is unveiling new color schemes for taxis operating in the district in about 30 minutes. the uniform color scheme is part of the taxicab modernization act. the measure is designed to overhaul and improve the district's taxicab industry in several areas. the four choices of color
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schemes will be revealed at verizon center and the public will be allowed to vote on their favorite. with hanukkah celebrations under way and christmas just two weeks away, fed ex is busy shipping out gifts to loved ones. in fact, today is the busiest shipping day in the company's history. with a record 19 million packages delivered. our 9news reporter delia goncalves takes a look inside. the boxes are making their way to your house but first they get a ride on a conveyor belt and through this shipping station in northeast washington. >> you can ship with fed ex ground till the 17th and still get it for christmas. you can come through express here till the 22nd for you procrastinators and we'll still get it there for christmas. >> reporter: fed ex has seen a 10% increase in business on what is traditionally the busiest shipping day of the  year, thanks to online shopping. the drivers load up their vans for a day's worth of deliveries. in fact, in the d.c. area
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alone, 60,000 packages will head out to our neighbors' homes. dale anderson is one of 500 drivers in the d.c. area. he's been delivering and playing the role of santa for 15 years. >> sele the cust -- seeing the customers faces when they get their packages, it brings excitement to us as well. >> reporter: if your child is expecting a delivery from old st. nick and not the fed ex man, you can store your gifts for up to five days. >> there might be a location near you. you can elect to hold it at any one of those locations if you want to. >> reporter: shipments from all over the country and 200 international locations get sorted at a rate of about 7,000 an hour. all packages distributed for an on-time arrival just in time for the holiday. in northeast washington, delia goncalves, 9news. >> today also marks the start of the busiest week of online
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shopping. thousands attended the lighting of the national menorah last night just down from the christmas tree on the ellipse. sunday marked the first full day of hanukkah which began saturday at sundown. the national hanukkah menorah lighting ceremony was first held in 1979. an amazing game at fed ex field yesterday. the ravens were in town to visit the redskins. well today everyone is talking about rg3's game-ending injury. he was hit in the knee by a ravens defender. well, rg3 walked off the field and cea back for consume of -- and he came back for a couple of plays but eventually he had to be helped off the field. backup are quarterback kirk cousins would replace him. cousins connected with pierre garcon in the end zone. cousins would score on the two- point conversion. he ran the ball down to the end zone to tie the game. the redskins eventually won 31-
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28. and we've just learned that the raishens offensive -- ravens offensive coordinator cam cameron has been fired following yesterday's loss. 50 years and counting. the rolling stones kick off a u.s. tour in new york to celebrate a half century of making music.
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the australian radio host who pulled a prank on the hospital treating the duchess of cambridge are now speaking out. the djs say they never meant any harm. >> we're so sorry that this has happened to them. >> reporter: radio host mel greg and michael kristin say they're filled with regrets over the royal prank. the pair fought back tears as they talked about the death of the nurse who fell for the hoax. >> we couldn't see this happening. >> reporter: last week the australian djs pretended to be the queen and prince charles when they called the hospital caring for prince william's wife kate. >> oh, hello there.
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could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> reporter: nurse jacintha saldanha put the call through to the ward where the duchess was being treated for morning sickness. three days later british police found her body. scotland yard called her death unexplained. many believe she took her own life. >> i think it's a terrible shame. absolute catastrophe. >> reporter: a memorial for the mother of two is growing near the hospital where she used to work. some people believe that the djs who tricked her should be punished. >> i think they should be -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: what do you think of what they did? >> i think it's absolutely appalling. >> no harm was intended on jacintha saldanha or the other nurse or kate or prince william or anyone. >> reporter: radio executives say they tried to contact the hospital staff five times before airing the phone conversation but could not get through. medical examiners are still trying to determine the cause of death. the family says she probably
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died of shame. cbs news, london. weather wise, still hanging out with the clouds here in northwest d.c. still a little bit of fog but we have a mild afternoon ahead of a cold front. i want to take you out with a look at national airport right now. i know it's sunny in spots but not at national. we'll have the full forecast. we have some ups and downs when 9 news now at noon returns. if the politicians in washington negotiate a bad deal on the
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budget and deficit, what do you think will happen to medicare and medicaid benefits? and to our coverage? cutting hundreds
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of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid will short change the people who need it the most. so if you don't want seniors to come up empty. call sen. warner and tell him don't make a bad deal that cuts our care. the rolling stones rocked the barclay center in brooklyn, saturday night. the band members are all in their 60s or 70s but their age did not stop them as they kicked off their 50 and counting anyone tour. the rolling stones have been performing for 50 years. the final show on december 15 will be available on pay per
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view. today on dr. phil, legendary entertainer barbara streisand is talking about her new movie, motherhood, and singing in public. you may find it hard to believe but she says she's actually embarrassed to sing sometimes. you can watch the dr. phil show weekdays right here on channel 9. it begins at 4:00 p.m. >> she doesn't do a lot of interviews. >> no, she doesn't. or concerts. she really doesn't. but if you ever get an opportunity to go to one-- >> i have seen the stones but not barbara streisand. >> fabulous. how is the weather? >> cloudy and damp all day. the fog has burned off. i have a weather camera out of tysons corner. you're going to like this if you're in tysons corner. if you're stuck in the fog, you'll say why not me. we'll try to get you a little bit of sun before the day is out. looking at your day planner for this afternoon, mostly cloudy. a couple of sunny breaks here and there. we have temperatures which will be going into the low 60s the
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next few hours. topping out in the mid-60s. now, if the fog hangs tough, it will be closer to 630 in some areas. -- to 60 in some earps. you notice the showers and the drain drops? increasing chances for showers as we get into the evening hours. and with temps in the 60s and a cold front coming, we may even get a clap of thunder. in fact, yesterday evening in huntingtown, bill, one of my weather watchers, said 7:30, a quick flash of lightning and thunder. we still have a quarter mile visibility in quantico but with the three-quarters at andrews and also bat more. look at annapolis -- also bat more. look at annapolis, reporting zero visibility. still we've got this cold front. it's out to the west. you notice in ohio and west virginia, a lot more rain there. that is going to work its way toward us but not till late this afternoon, if not the evening hours. temps, really vary greatly from 46 in cup betterly. -- cumberland. salisbury in the upper 60s. they've been at least 70 today.
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even the tappahannock airport 67 degrees. 64 manassas. in town, we've got 58. here's tysons corner. we have lots of breaks. you see the blue. we're seeing a little more sun than what we're seeing right now. national reporting some sprinkles. maybe that's just mist coming down but it's 58 degrees. dew point 57. the humidity way up at 97%. and a south, southwesterly wind at 9 miles an hour. temperatures today, they're frigid up in minneapolis where they had 10 to 15 inches of snow this weekend. big time snow there. 14 degrees this afternoon. but look at the 60s shooting up into new york. a sharp cold front right there. this cold front responsible for some severe weather, some potentially tornadic thunderstorms from new orleans up to about montgomery, alabama through mobile. further north we have the showers here. up into maine, they have all sorts of wintry weather going on with freezing rain and some sleet. here's our futurecast. we have the showers by 4:45 moving toward the shenandoah
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valley. looks like we'll see some of them this evening into tonight. by midnight the front is coming through. it's going to dry us out. the colder air moves in. we're going to cool down, especially by wednesday. that will be the cold day this week. so today 64. some areas in the upper 60s south and west where they get more sunshine. some showers, especially between about 5:00 and midnight. now, tonight we'll drop into the upper 30s and low 40s behind the front. 50 tomorrow. it's going to be a breezy day. the sun returns. a chilly wednesday with more clouds than sunshine, especially south and east of town. and we recover to the upper 50s friday. showers possible again on sunday. jc? according to the census bureau, more than 8,000 d.c. residents who are 65 or older live in poverty. and these seniors need medical and social support but they can't afford it. well, there is a home that is making the golden years truly golden. today on hero central, i'm
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saluting the home. >> everybody is so nice. >> reporter: eloise paints inside this home. it provides the district's moderate and hoe income elder -- and low income elderly a place to live. >> our job is to empower folks to be happy as they can as long as they're with us. >> reporter: the 87-year-old senior moved into the senior living center two years ago after she broke her leg and needed constant medical care. >> i am living off of my husband's social security. >> residents who live here are able to pay what they can on a monthly basis. on average the daily income for a resident at least in our community residential facility and our assisted living ranges between $40 and $50 per day. >> reporter: the home provides three levels of care.
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community residential facility, assisted living and a nursing home. residents may come after a hospital discharge or get referred through a homeless shelter. >> often they've been medically neglected, socially neglected and have really lived sort of hand and mouth. >> reporter: residents not only receive medical attention. >> we do a lot of heavy duty -- call what it is -- partying. >> reporter: wallace says her adult children often visit and see that she is doing great. >> my daughter told me she worried about me because she didn't think i would be happy here. now that she found out, she says she's happy, too. >> reporter: the lisner luis dixon home provides housing for up to 116 residents a nonprofit center operates on medicare, medicaid, and private donations. the home was founded with an endowment left by abraham and laura lisner back in 1939.
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through the years the home has thrived with the financial help from three major foundations dedicated to the elderly. if you would like to learn how to donate, go to my website we'll be right back.
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i'm delighted to have in the kitchen with me today owner jeremy from olney, maryland. he said we have our own winery in olney. i said no. he said yes. we make wine right on the spot. they import product from all over the word. and it's so unusual to think take there's a winery right in a shopping center in the fair hills shopping center in olney, maryland of the i actually have been there. i know you have good wines.
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>> yes, we do get our great product from all over the world. you have to go to the best grape growing regions to get the products you need in order to make the best wines. i have right here some italian wine. >> customers can come in and make their own wine. >> absolutely. >> that's interesting. they came to you and they say i want what? >> well, part of choosing your wine is doing a tasting and finding out what it is that you truly enjoy. so you're able to come in and taste the different wines and make it on site. >> how long does it take? >> it takes 30 days. >> okay. so you do the initial putting it together. then he come back in 30 days and pick up your bottle. >> you can cork it, bottle it, put your customized label on it. >> what a great idea. that is fabulous. in fact, you did one here with a channel 9 label. this is great. they probably wouldn't be able to have it ready for the
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holidays, but certainly the first of the year. if you had some friends and you wanted to give them their personalized bottle of wine, this is a great place. it's in the fair hills shopping center in olney, maryland. this has been sitting here for how long? when will it be ready? >> this will be ready in 30 days. >> you just started this one. >> you can give a gift certificate to any one of your family members so they can make and choose their own wine. we'll stir this up a little bit. there's actually some toasted oak right here that we'll put in. >> you have these wonderful gift baskets for people. this is lovely. this is very nice. >> we have baskets available. whoever puts in the yeast is the wine maker. would you like to be my guest? >> i will put the yeast in and this is mine. >> remember, you can go and have your own wine with your own label with a taste that you like by going to the fair hills shopping center in olney,
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maryland. it's smelling good. i like this. i like it. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. oh, my goodness.
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